Doorway and Window molding

During our trip through many of the homes featured on the Parade of Homes, we saw a new way of dealing with doors and windows that really seduced us. This was additional trim and molding at the top of the door and windows, as well as the bottom of the door and windows.

Doorway cornice mouldings were on many doors – this is a hallway bathroom door:

bathroom door lintel molding

Here the inside of the front door sports an even more impressive Cornice moulding design:

inside front doorway lintel

Windows and archways also came away with molding treatments to make them more impressive. These French Doors with Transom Window is topped with molding that reaches into the crown molding. A bit overkill it seems to me…

French doors with transom and molding

A lovely window with a bit of Cornice moulding on top:

window top molding

as well as bottom…

bottom window molding 2

window bottom molding

Even triple windows received treatments of molding

Bay window with top molding

as did windows with curves

Arched window with molding

None of this molding is out of reach of the simple carpenter or even the most basic budget. The reality is that additions of these types ups the rich Old World feeling of home. Because it is projects that typically increase the cost of building due to time and materials, it also sends a vibe to the visitor that this home is older and richer then perhaps it’s neighbor without the moldings.

Window moldings were being seen throughout the home – the fancier and larger treatments with the common rooms of breakfast, dining, great room, living room and master, but also even in the spare bedrooms and game rooms. Perhaps moldings have grown in popularity as fewer people are using full window curtains to dress a window and more are opting for blinds with perhaps a frisson of drape?

See the DIY, step by step tutorial on this type of over door, moulding project!

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