Planning: kids bathroom

from Lamps Plus

Love the marble/granite counter in this next photo.

from Nantucket Beadboard
from Nantucket Beadboard

Flooring – (38″ x 80″ = 21 approx sq. ft; 48″ x 74″ = 25 approxsq ft.; 21 + 25 = 46 sq. ft). Calculate your inches to square feet using this online calculator. Porcelain, mesh mounted 12″ x 12″ tile sheet (Lowes) @ $2.57 per sheet= $139 (5 boxes) with bag of Thinset/Grout ($39).

Laminate Countertop22″ x 71″ with backsplashes. Keeping original whitesinks and faucets.

LightingBrushed Nickel lighting – after measuring, a 3 light fixture (24″ long), one over each sink, would work best.

The biggest issue I have is the tub/toilet area has one light – overhead – with a fan unit that has yellowed (icky!). It’s always dim in their and makes the room like a cave. This area needs another light too.

MouldingBoard and Batten style similar to this but with solid thin panels because the wall is textured. Moulding surrond to frame out the entire builders’ mirror.

Cabinetry – I’m going to replace the arched cabinet style with a square faced style. Found this great place to order cabinet doors! 2 doors are 11 and 15/16″ wide x 17″ high ($13 each), 2 doors are 11 and 7/8″ wide x 17″ high; and 2 are 12 and 7/8″ wide x 27″ tall.

The vanity painted gloss white and new hardware in silver, like these for the drawers:

There is also a narrow, storage closet with a door opening of 15″ wide x 81″ which I want to change a bit with making it open shelving.

ToiletAquaSource White High Efficiency Elongated Toilet Model AT1203-00. $100

Shower curtain and shower head replaced. Another huge problem with this bathroom is the tub drains really slowly and the gauge for the water temp seems to be off as it goes cold to hot too quickly. This may need to be checked on by a plumber.

Bathroom fixtures –  showerhead, tub storage, toilet roll hanger, cabinet hardware etc… in brushed nickel, chrome, silver/pewter color family.

Linens – this bathroom has lots of brightly colored towels in “sherbet” colors – rosy pink, lime green, bright blue etc… that will be worked into the plan.