Tip: removing wallpaper, disposing of odd paint

We’ve been very busy on the house these last 24 hours…. a lot of work is being done on the bathroom, including removing the wallpaper.

The best directions I found were located here on removing wallpaper. Using the scorer has perforated the drywall but we are going to cover with plaster so it isn’t a big deal. The paper scorer also knicked up the hands so try to use some sort of glove if you can.

Since this recipe uses a mix with anti-freeze make sure that all wallpaper removed cannot be accessed by animals and that the floor is cleaned before animals are allowed to enter.

We lucked out that the builder put up wallpaper with paper underneath so only a very small bit of drywall surface came off when we took off the wallpaper. This leaves bare drywall so to save on the Venetian Plaster, we will be painting the drywall prior to the application of the VP. Drywall that has not been painted or primed will suck up paint or surface material overlay like crazy. By painting an undercoat we hope to use less VP then if we just used it alone.

Speaking of which, when you read about using primer, don’t think it has to be white. And don’t think it has to be something bought special for the job. Using odds and ends as primers is a good way to use up that paint and keep it out of the landfill. As long as the under coat is the same product as the top coat – latex on latex, water-based on water-based etc… you should be okay.

Leftover, Latex paint, any shine, can be mixed together to form one paint hat you can later use for priming drywall or other projects. After combining, take to the paint store and have them shake it with their machine in the paint department. Generally, the color comes out light to medium in shade, and responds like a flat or eggshell. Be sure to mark the can so you don’t forget what is in it!

All the small cans (behind) were mixed either in the keep, primer (right) gallon or the disposal (left) gallon. Empty latex cans will be left to dry and, if steel, some recycling plants will take them.

Some metro recycling organizations will actually take the latex paint, mix it and then use it on city projects because when combined the paint becomes pale in color and a flat shine.

If you want to dispose of it, first combine all of it in an empty latex gallon can. Take a cardboard box, line with a plastic garbage bag and pour in about a two inch layer. Add kitty litter, grass clippings, sawdust shavings etc… to help it dry faster. Once it is dry and hard, and another layer and repeat. There are also commercial products that will do the same thing available at your paint store.

Another way to get rid of unwanted paint, is to advertise it on Craigslist. I listed the sizes, how full the cans were, and a color approximation in my description and within 24 hours someone who did crafts wanted all the paint!

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