Technique: Venetian Plaster, smooth vs. textured walls

When we did the Venetian Plaster in the laundry room it was over a textured wall. We attempted to smooth it out with plaster and sanding but it never got flat smooth all over. While we were happy with the end result, now that we’ve done the Venetian Plaster over a smooth wall (bathroom) the difference is quite astoinshing!

A sample of the color over a textured ceiling – color is flatter and without the mirror sheen:

base moulding conceals curtain rod in laundry room
Lowes Venetian Plaster Marmo

Over a smooth wall, the entire effect increases to that of the mirror sheen (not seen in these photos due to the flash of the camera but the gloss is as high as a mirror) that the product describes – depth and shading is more noticeable:

Lowes Venetian Plaster Aquamarina #67

The mirror sheen quality can be seen in this photo I took of the ceiling. Look in the walls and you can see the reflection across the top wall (it is reflecting the white of the crown moulding).

venetian plaster shows reflection on surface

Venetian Plaster isn’t really the right use for high traffic rooms, rooms with projecting corners, or where walls will have a high possibility of being touched or scratched. The surface mars very easily – for example, pressing a hand on the wall before it was top coated, resulted in a large dark smear that had to be buffed out. Scratches would also need to be filled and buffed with similar product in order to remove them.

After these experiences, I simply wouldn’t put the money into a faux effect like Venetian Plaster, Pearl, Suede, etc… unless you have a completely FLAT and SMOOTH wall. Financially, you will expend too much money on the paint unless the walls are smooth (either by re-plastering or sanding down) and you can’t get the end-effect that you want without it.

Be sure to check out the entire series on Venetian Plaster as I learned a lot over the course of different rooms.

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