Tip: downstairs wall paint

When we went on the Parade of Homes tour two years ago, we noticed that the builders had painted all the walls of the entire downstairs the same color. This gave the illusion of making the house appear larger.

We also noticed that they were using a darker neutral in tan/khaki or grays. This made the white of the mouldings, both crown and base really pop out. Overall, it was a fresh, clean look that fooled the buyer into thinking the home was bigger as all the rooms flowed easily into the other.

We plan on putting this house on the market in 12-18 months so all my design decisions have to take this into account: how will our 15 year old house compare to what people can buy new? or buy within the price range that this house is being sold for?

With that in mind the entire downstairs, except bathroom and laundry rooms are being painted with Valspar’s allen + roth Rock ar720. It’s a gray putty with a hint of brown.

We tried a lot of samples on the wall and this one really impressed us. We painted the walls of the hall down to the laundry room and bathroom, which is the darkest hall in the house, and the color wasn’t so dark that it made you feel you were walking into a cave. OTOH, it’s not so light that it looks like a dirty cream.

TIP! When trying a paint color put a sample on the wall – several walls – so you can see how light can strike it during different times of daylight. For example, we put a sample in the hallway with no windows, the front entry with some windows, and the dining which gets a lot of light.