Tip: repair decorative moulding

Some years back I bought a vanity harp that had intricate moulding on it. Recently, we decided to use it as part of a new addition onto an existing bathroom cabinet. However, while we were working with it, we found that a little edge of the floral moulding had long been broken off.

In the past we had used Bondo to repair some furniture but this time we needed something that could be molded into a shape and Bondo really is too liquid to hold a form like this.

use moldable epoxy product for furniture repair

This epoxy product we found at Lowes – it comes in a tube and is to be worked until the blue is completely mixed, causing the chemical reaction that will eventually harden it. You have about 5-15 minutes to work the product before it hardens to its final form. This product would not be able to be stained so if that is your desire you will need to shape your repair out of wood.

molding epoxy for moulding repair

shaping epoxy product to repair damaged decorative moulding

Some of these shaping tools were bought for my husband’s hobby – ceramics; kitchen tools (a grapefruit knife), and others were from the cake decorating aisle at Michaels.

The final piece was painted to help it blend in with the rest.

repaired moulding on bathroom cabinet