Tip: Hanging a heavy mirror

Since the mirror is so heavy, we used a pattern to help center and decide the measurements on how it would hang over the new vanity we will be installing later this month. A pattern can be easily adjusted until you get it exactly where you like it, versus the mirror was extremely heavy and using it during this planning phase might have broke it.

a pattern can be easily adjusted

Because we made a template of the backsplash (white cardboard in above photo) we know how high we have to get the mirror up. We also know the measurements of the new light fixture so we don’t get in it’s way either (the silver one in the photo is going to be replaced).

Before mounting the mirror, adhesive feet are put on the lower, back corners. This prevents the mirror corners from banging the wall and should also be used on your larger, wooden picture frames. You can find these at any quality framing store.

This is an extremely heavy mirror so here’s a tip on mounting it… at hardware stores and at frame shops (or make your own), you can find special mirror wall mounts called a French Cleat (want to know more? Check out this video). These are for hanging heavy objects on your wall and this mirror certainly qualifies!

part of French Cleat

The French Cleat comes in two pieces which fit into each other – one part goes on the wall and the other on the object to be hung. They will slot into each other making a strong, level hanging that can’t be “bumped” off the wall by accident. Make sure you hit some studs (a stud finder is a great investment) when mounting the bar on the wall. And use a level to make sure you are aligned correctly.

picture perfect!

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