Project: updating a retro chandelier

When we found these two chandeliers they were designed to hang on a swag chain from the same medallion. While I didn’t love the chain, the foo-foo crystals on the brass, I did love the glitter-glam of the glass tube.

First, the side curly details were lopped off, leaving a stem. The chain was removed.

In some of the lopping, we ended with a few holes in the metal. It was filled with the same product  we used to repair moulding. It was lightly sanded and then the entire surface was scrubbed with a metal wire brush.

A hanging rod and ceiling mounting bracket was bought from Lowes ($17 each) and all of the metalwork (new and old) was spray-painted a brushed Nickel by Krylon (available at Westlake Hardware). The screw threads were wrapped with tape to prevent paint from clogging the threads.

New wiring was added. A rectangle was marked out, the area smoothed out with two coats of plaster, Brush Pearl paint in Blue Winter Fox applied and trim installed.

It’s hung so the bottom of the dining room chandelier is 32″ from the table (30″ -34″ from the table top is a standard hanging height).

The originals were bought for $18, and each lighting rod was bought for $17 each, for a total light cost of $52.

There are also four wall sconces in this room; my top pick are these from Lamps Plus at $99 each:


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