Tip: planning for drop pendants

Our original kitchen plan for lighting included 7 can lights – two rows of 3 and one over the sink. Because the builder aligned the kitchen sink light with the general lighting, it was never centered over the sink but along the row of general lights. Another misalignment was the chandelier over the breakfast table. It needed a chain to swag it over to the right spot – UGH!

A light hung over the island was never used and it’s color was selected only at the last minute when we were building – so it never matched well with our style or the existing pieces.

In updating the kitchen we are changing some of the lighting situation. We wanted to change the island light to drop pendants, as well as put a matching pendant over the sink as well as one that lines up next to the sink light. Using some string and plastic bags we worked on what it would look like, how it would line up and the drop distance of the pendant.

planning the visual placement of pendant lights over the kitchen island

We’ve installed these pendant lights from Lowes: