Project: Entry Door with Crown Moulding

When we built the house we opted out of a lot of windows that would have framed the door. We are still glad we did for privacy sake, but it does leave the front entry looking a bit drab.

After the Parade of Homes tour when we saw alot of moulding over the doorways (i.e. Cornice), we decided to build our own. Husband did it and I didn’t get any shots during the process – he also picked out a massive bit of Crown Moulding for the project – so big it didn’t fit into the saw!

He built it in three pieces – the bottom horizontal piece under the window had two lines of moulding; a half moon cut out that fitted behind the moulding of the first, base piece; and the top piece with the crown. A piece of moulding over the half circle window hides the joinery of the top and middle piece.

I painted it twice before it went up. Afterwards, finishing nails were recessed, filled with wood putty, sanded and it was painted again. Price was about $125 for materials.

Wow! It makes a huge difference and says, “hey look! here’s a door!”

front doorway with overhead crown moulding

crown moulding over entry door

Smaller, but similar, moulding projects will be done over the closet (entry hall) and the pantry (kitchen). See the DIY, step by step tutorial on this type of over door, moulding project!

Want to see more about moulding projects? There’s more on the blog right here

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