Replacing a ceiling vent (and dealing with holes)

In the kids bathroom the original ceiling fan had a light plastic cover that had yellowed and the fan was noisy to boot. We replaced it with a new, quieter vent-only unit.  However, changing this vent unit left us with a big problem – a hole in fact. The old unit was twice as big and wider then the new unit.

You might remember that the only light in the toilet area was from this fan ceiling unit which made the toilet area look like this when it was on:

Scary dark tunnel!

We took the light wire from the fan and used it for a wall sconce, painted the walls yellow, put in white board and batten moulding on the wall, and installed a white porcelian floor so it now looks like this:

Sunshine makes things better!

This bathroom has no windows and is in the center of the upstairs. It has a heat vent shaft that runs under the length of the floor and in winter is usually very cozy with this unintential, radiant heat. For this reason, we decided to forgo putting in a heater in the ceiling unit (and it would have complicated the wiring).

The new fan unit was installed. Originally, hubby was going with drywall to fill in the void between old and new but I nixed that idea. I didn’t think we could get it looking good without calling in a drywall expert and I’m doing this on a budget.

hole difference

Instead we used a piece of the wall board – a scrap from doing the board and batten. It was cut to fit with a hole in the center for the fan cover and installed with screws which will be concealed by the vent cover.

It was then trimmed out with 1×2, nail holes filled with wood putty and sanded smooth, and painted to match the board and batten wall color.

BTW the ceiling vent fan cannot be seen when walking into the bathroom unless you are a child or an adult who is bending over. I had to squat to take these photos. It will be more noticeable once you enter the toilet/bath area.

Another non-glamourous, but necessary project crossed off the Honey-Do list!