Planning: Master Bathroom

Since I’ve changed so much on the planning of this bathroom, decided to re-post this and move it up as we’ll be working on this project for the next 6 weeks or so.

The trend with master bathrooms is the “spa feel.” I translate that to mean: calming, tranquil and soothing with the almost bland, rich neutrals you see at resort hotels. From viewing a lot of bathrooms on Pinterest (see my board for inspiration) and talking to local suppliers of cabinets and countertops, these are some common themes:

Look for medium to light wall tones. Venetian plaster seemed to be too heavy so I removed it from the plan;

Lots of cream/white especially in mouldings, tubs and sinks;

Granite or marble countertops (in lighter colors esp. marble), many with rectangular sinks (especially in white), either vessels (especially in glass or white), or undermounts (in white or cream). BTW vessel sinks can be hard to clean the outside of the bowl (try removing toothpaste) so I reserved ours for the powder room.

Granite or marble countertops. Lighter colored, neutral tone instead of strong patterns;

High end looking faucets (usually in dark colors such as oil rubbed bronze) with shower heads that offer more then just a handheld such as rain showers, jets etc…;

Dimmer and accent lighting with chandeliers and sconces;

Tubs are moving to stand alones; Showers are becoming bigger;

More open storage options are being added with built ins around the tub and vanity.

What you won’t see – wallpaper or dark colors and patterns (i.e. burgandy, browns, wallpaper on walls). Busy rooms with lots of color contrasts.

Current layout of the master bathroom won’t change:

The vanity has been upgraded with a new cream paint finished glazed with brown, and added wood detailing. Look here for the popular How-To post using Annie Sloan Chalk paint and Dark Walnut stain.

Walls – Lowes’ Waverly Tawny Green WV36007 a mid-tone green that errs on the khaki-tan side of the green family as opposed to the yellow or blue. It should go well with the cabinet and countertop colors.

Ceiling – Lowes’ Brushed Metal EE2069 Pale Glow – a metallic and reflective pale yellow.

Mouldingcornice moulding will be put over the four doors (two closets, toilet door, and entrance door). I had considered replacing the closet doors with vintage, but they were too expensive. Will reserve that idea for the kitchen’s pantry door.

The entire bathroom will have a crown and base moulding combination:

Lighting –  a chandelier over the vanity and new sconces.

$175 on closeout sale

Vanity – I decided to go with a much lighter counter color… from my original darker, busier pattern:

With a moulding curve over the vanity like this:

which will match the curve over the tub:

Shower – needs an updated showerhead combo in oil rubbed brass. The tile needs cleaning and re-caulking.

Toilet – will install the same one we did in the Powder Room. Really love the easy clean features on this toilet. I’ll replace the toilet roll hanger and put one double towel hanger in the tub alcove. Perhaps a shelf under the cabinet in the toilet room?

Linens – Spa white!

The master bathroom should wrap by the end of February.

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  3. Commenting as I read along…

    Wow! I love the change in the vanity! I have a similar oak vanity, but don’t want to add the frou-frou curlique stuff. Our house has more of a ski lodge/ Colorado ranch feel. And I don’t have granite in the bathroom. It’s some camel colored Corian type stuff that I hate. HATE!

    And our paint is sort of a chocolate color in natural light, but more nutmeg-ish under electric lights of all styles. I’m not a fan. But the whole bedroom is done in that color. My temp fix, until I find a paint scheme I love, is to either go with lavender accents, so it looks more rustic. Or pink, for that whole pink and chocolate thing, so I don’t hate it any more than I already do. And by pink, I mean soft pink. Textiles and maybe an orchid only for the accents.

    I love the first glass tile option. Just my never humble opinion! But, I think the second one will go better with the vanity and overall look.

    I’m thinking about swapping out the vanities in the whole house with espresso later on. They’re all oak, and it’s the only oak in the house. They just look weird. Plus, I like the clean lined look of the darker espresso ones usually. The counters for the vanities all need to change. They’re all that ugly camel color I mentioned. All our trim is white, so a spa feel makes sense. Again, I think it would go nicely with an espresso finish vanity or maybe just white. We have black granite in the kitchen, so I’d like to keep some bit congruent there, or pick a lighter, less offensive granite for the bathrooms all around. And I’ll want to switch out the shower and tub tiles eventually. They do not match the floor and chop up the flow. Maybe travertine? Or slate…

    1. eurekasprings

      OS – Espresso in a modern look is HOT! Especially with white rectangular sinks.

      For a lodge look I would go with open shelving and aged wood. In my pinterest for the future farm, there are some lodge bathrooms I pinned – or its in Beds, Baths file…? Copper or metal bowl for sinks and dark faucets that have a high swan neck like a kitchen or laundry room faucet. Maybe even a butcher block vanity top.

      Recyling vanities from furniture like an old work bench/cabinet I’ve seen done and it looks cool. Lots of natural distressing and aged wood.

      IMO Travertine is on the outs. Here they overused it as the kitchen backsplash (tumbled 4×4 Travertine tiles are everywhere). Penny tiles, brick mosiacs, piano tile, glass are very in – you’d have to look about to find something that fits a lodge look – maybe a recycled brick? shiny copper tones or that metal ceiling tin tile they use on backsplashes? I like the idea of Slate or maybe Soapstone?

      Yeah, on tile, I’m buying some sheets Friday and tap them onto the wall with some finishing nails to see what looks best in the light. LIve with a few days. This three day weekend is for painting, finishing electrical and putting in some of the moulding. too much to do and not enough money.

  4. Well… Lodge, but upscale lodge. No kitschy moose and bears and pine. I think Bad Pants would freak over that.

    We have a lot of nickel fixtures in the house already. It’s like they went for a cross between contemporary, art deco, and modern. Drives me nuts!

    Then there’s this finish on the door handles I can’t place. Do they do some sort of oil rubbed nickel? I can’t even find the same handles to buy more to replace the couple that are broken. Of course, parts of our house have come from Home Depot. And parts from Lowe’s. And parts from who knows where?

    1. eurekasprings

      LOL! On the Lodge thing, you can definitely find some high end ideas searching Pinterest. What I will do in the next house vs. this house is different. This house is being positioned to be sold vs thenext house most likely will be where we retire in 15-20 years.

    1. eurekasprings

      Just sent it to you. I’ve found it to be incredibly helpful in planning the rooms because I can see photo thumbprints (with links) that I can reference back too. Having bookmarks on my browser has been fine but this gives me photo references without having to cut them out and keep them!

      Because I plan on selling, it’s been helpful too as I can see what others are pinning and thinking hmm that’s popular, many people like that etc….

      BTW I don’t use Facebook, too intrusive on my privacy. Twitter chatter I am finding to be very annoying on my new (Christmas) Android cell phone; most likely I’ll be turning it off soon. So you are not alone.

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