Replacing brass with oil rubbed, bronze on doors

I tried spraypainting my brass doorknobs and it just didn’t hold up at all just as I expected. Yep, I prepped, primed it, sprayed it and waited between coats, and sealed it. But after one day of use, the strikeplate started to scratch.

The only thing that really held up to being used were the door hinges. I did spray those as well as the screw heads. To do this I just used a screwdriver to punch holes in a pizza box and then slotted in the screws.

The spraypainted prototypes did convince hubby that dark, oil rubbed bronze door hardware was way more desirable then brass. The problem is the expense of replacing an entire house with new door knobs…

We had a lucky day when we took some stuff to the Habitat for Humanity Re-store shop to donate and hit paydirt! We found a huge amount of new door hardware that had obviously been bought as a quantity closeout or something.

For example, these were available in oil-rubbed bronze: Lever, non-locking handles at $10 (for closets such as our Master Bathroom, pantry, laundry room and downstairs closet); Oval shaped locking door handles $8 (bedroom and bathroom doors), and Oval shaped non locking door knobs at $5 (bedroom and hall closets). At this price we could replace the entire house for about $150.

Wow! It makes a huge difference!

It really updates the doors and hallway. If you haven’t done it already GET RID OF THE BRASS! The door hinges I’m just spray painting to match as this saves a bit of money.

If you are looking to replace, I’ve found lots on ebay and Craigslist that were at discounted prices. Personally, I would replace rather then paint – spraypainting simply isn’t going to last and is one of those jobs you’ll be doing again six months later.