Transition time from one house to another

We slowed down a lot of projects these last few months in order to get hubby moved into his own place at his out of state job location. We will be downsizing from a 4 bed, 3 bath to a 3 bed and 2 bath rural house. Since we’ll be maintaining two houses for at least another year, we have time to really sort and go through things which really gives a sense of freedom and letting go.

Craigslist is both a blessing and an irritation. A blessing because I can sell larger items for a higher price then a garage sale would bring, but an irritation dealing with no-shows after going to all the time and trouble of posting photos, measurements and putting time aside to meet someone. It’s also become irritating to post something at a good price (since I shop resale I know exactly what an item can bring) and have someone try to get it for next to nothing!

Because I’ve done a lot of sorting and such beforehand, the move is going smoothly though I have some big pieces that will eventually take a rental truck. The house is upside down, and looks totally disorganized but in reality, I have thrown out, donated or sold a lot of items in the downsize. The garage is full of stuff for a garage sale.

On the project front, the master bathroom has a new toilet and the ceiling got painted (diluted the wall paint Sherwin Williams SW Escape Gray #6185 with white for a complimentary pastel version). All the ceiling hall and closet lights got a spraypaint change from1990’s brass to oil rubbed bronze. We’ll be putting up the crown moulding and new sconces in the next week or so. I do plan on doing a board and batten treatment in the master bedroom on the bed wall so will post directions when we get to it!

Right now work is just proceeding and it is mostly boring drudgery!