PIN: Cleaning the Front Loading Washing Machine

What I decided last week is that I will pick something off my Pinterest Cleaning and Organization board to try every week. Most of them will be deep-clean projects or trying a method completely new to me. This is supposed to get me organized and excited about getting the house cleaner (hmmmmmm).

I’ve learned that some of the Pins on Pinterest are highly overrated. Some didn’t work for me, or worked only okay (with a better method available), or just didn’t melt my butter. I’ll report here on the blog (as I’m between DIY projects) and on my board what my experiences were.

GE front loading washer and dryer

The How to Clean your Front Loading Washer Machine Pin showed how to clean the gasket and the detergent tray. Cleaning the detergent tray made me feel good as it was pretty goopy. My teen kids now do their own laundry so they goop a bit pouring the detergent in. The gasket wasn’t that dirty because we installed a brand new one when we bought the machines off Craigslist, however, leaving the door open overnight (beware if you have small kids or pets!!) REALLY made a difference in the smell inside.

Be aware that cleaning your machine like this – running empty loads etc.. will take an hour along with the cleaning time. If you do the double, empty machine, load method that will take half a day. The first empty load is vinegar and the second empty load is with bleach; both loads are the hottest water you can use on your machines’ setting. Next time I clean the machine I’ll try this method and see if I see any difference.

Before doing either method read the manual for your washing machine!

Lessons’ Learned: After doing all the loads for the day, do a quick wipe to take out the moisture in the gasket seal and leave the door open to dry overnight. Really cuts down on the humidity smell inside the drum. Cleaning the detergent tray did make a huge visual difference.

Overall, after doing a couple of loads of laundry the next day I couldn’t really tell a difference in how the clothes smelled or felt. This may have been due to the fact my machine wasn’t all that dirty to begin with. If you have kids in sports, you may see a more dramatic difference.

Future Application: After a full day of laundry, I leave the door open to the washer and let it dry out overnight. I no longer have toddlers in the house and the pets are at the second house. It makes a huge difference in the humidity smell in the laundry room.

Definitely, a useful, routine maintenance to clean your machine but for my machine use, a once a month clean would be enough (consider more if you have a household into sports, construction, etc..).

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