Kitchen: Pull-out Drawers for Pot Storage

When the house was built my vision was to have a set of large pull out drawers for pot storage on either side of the stove. Instead the builder gave me two sets of under cabinets with doors on front and pull out drawers inside. This has always irked me as it didn’t give me the farmhouse kitchen feel I wanted, it gave me yet more cabinets among a sea of cabinet doors, and it was an inconvenience every time you wanted to get a pot.

We removed the cabinet doors and found out that the left set had a smooth cabinet facing, while the right set had been cut to fit hinges.

For the fix, we used scrap lumber was cut to fit, glued in, filled with wood putty and than sanded smooth.

Eventually all the doors, drawers and cabinet facing will be painted and that will further conceal the fix.

Because the drawer fronts have a routered edge we figured it would be a difficult DIY project to do without a full shop so we located a carpenter who would take on such a small job. The total cost for four doors to be done and rebuilt was about $135, (I think he undersold himself). The new drawers are stoutly built and pull out easily without having to open a set of doors to do it!

There is a gap between the drawers which I’m not happy about so hubby fixed it.

Front facing was added to the area between the drawers.

At this point the cabinets have been primed white and ready for chalk paint.
These was painted the creamy, Vintage white chalk paint that I’m using throughout the kitchen.

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