PIN: Freshening your Mattress using Baking Soda

A personal goal is to try a deep cleaning method or organization chore as shown on Pinterest. This pin uses baking soda scented with essential oil to clean your mattress. You sprinkle over the mattress and then vacuum off. Travel the pin for complete instructions as I’m just reporting my experiences here with the method.

I decided to go with an eucalyptus scented baking soda – about 10 drops per 2 cups and stored overnight in a glass jar and occasionally shaken, not stirred haha. If you want a strong Vick’s Vapor Rub smell, eucalyptus is your essential oil. If you need your sinuses cleared out, feel congested or flu-like, this would be a very good choice.

One reason I went with eucalyptus is that it’s known for antiseptic and pest repellant properties. I figured it would be great for telling any bugs to get out! Tea Tree Oil would be another good one with the same aspects. Cleaning house with these smells after everyone has been ill in the house can make the house feel clean, emotionally and physically. Next time, I’ll try lavender as husband likes that scent better and it aids sleep. Or you might favor lemon or orange essential oils. I think wintergreen or pine would be great to try at Christmas!

However, like all essential oils you need to be careful of reaction so please test before you go gungho. I would NOT RECOMMEND this at all for babies, young children or anyone with allergic reactions or with upper respiratory issues.

The Baking Soda sits for an hour on the mattress and afterwards is slowly vacuumed off with your hand attachment. This is also a good time to flip and rotate the mattress, doing both sides with the concoction. I also washed the sheets and cover with a hot cycle using my typical detergent.

Lesson Learned: First, to get really good coverage on ONE side of a King sized mattress took 4 cups of Baking Soda, not 1 or 2. Maybe I just was overly generous…?

It did seem that the mattress looked a little brighter on the surface so I do think the Baking Soda will take off surface grime or body oils from the mattress. However, if your mattress is heavily soiled or stained no amount of Baking Soda is going to bring it back.

After I vacuumed I rolled around on the bed and sniffed the mattress. The eucalyptus smell was still there but not overwhelming at all which surprised me.

Overnight the bed smelled very fresh but that could have just been from cleaned bed linens – when I flipped my pillow over (which I do through the night) the side that had been against the mattress did have an eucalyptus smell that was pleasant and not overwhelming.

If you want to double your smell intensity you could use a scented vinegar as a rinse for your sheets and pillowcases.

ETA: the smell only last about two days before it faded away.

Future Application: I think I’ll scent up a jar for each bed and store it in the room. Plan on doing this once a month, one bed a week.