PIN: Cleaning Stove Top Burners and Pans

Of all the Pinterest cleaning ideas I’ve tried, this was the only one which really worked just like I read AND was super easy. It’s how to clean your stove top burners and the pans. If there is one pin to try, it is this one!

As always, follow the full link to get the info but in brief, you use gallon sized, plastic baggies, and put one burner or pan inside per bag, with about 1/4 or less of full strength Ammonia. Seal bag, let sit overnight, and in the morning the baked on grunge slides off with a light scrub or even rinse.

Lessons Learned: The only issues I would strongly caution you about is 1.) Ammonia is dangerous so have eye protection on or be very, very careful. You don’t want any of this to splash into your eyes, mouth or nose. 2.) Ammonia SMELLS! You might want to do this in the garage or on the back porch.

Future Use: Wow! Definitely this will be done any time I have horrible looking burners or pans. It will be on my regular cleaning schedule and would be great cleanup for after the holidays when we do lots of cooking and baking.