dining room wall sconces installed

I had some money AND the wall sconces I’ve been looking at for a year, went on sale! Wow! half price! yeah! This made a $400 purchase, $200 so good deal for me.


For some reason, wall sconces and lighting in general is ridiculously expensive. Considering it was made and assembled in China or Thailand, and the materials aren’t all that expensive to begin with, it’s a rip off to say the least. So if you are re-doing a room and working on a budget I would definitely really, really make sure you consider the cost of your lighting – it may come as an unpleasant surprise!

We also installed the sliding dimmers on the over the dining table lights and the wall sconces. The silly builder put the switch for one on another wall because he and his electrical crew were morons. We were morons on putting in so much light as it isn’t really necessary, however, what is done is done and I’m not ripping out walls to re-do a small lighting design faux paus.


I’m glad to get this area wrapped up. It was one of those little expensive projects that I kept telling myself I’d get the money for – later – and later never happened. It’s also good to get this done as I wanted these public areas wrapped up before Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Okay to explain where we are – so to speak – in the blog narrative. Husband got a job out of state two years ago. A year later I followed with daughter (I stayed to get our son through his senior year of high school). Son stayed in our house and we got him a roommate. The “plan” had been to come back and wrap up most of the remodeling and than sell.

However, in May 2013, we decided husbands’ work wasn’t going the way we planned, and daughter wasn’t too happy at her school, so we all trickled back to the house you see profiled on this blog. Daughter and I came first, and two weeks ago, husband got here with a new job. Still we have been busy moving animals and possessions, as well as dealing with some personal things so nothing has been done on the house.

So I’m kickstarting back the entries as we zoom through a few remodeling chores and updates before the end of the year.