Cornices for the kitchen bay window breakfast nook

Originally, we had built cornice boards that had a shelf that ran connected over the top of all the windows in the breakfast nook area. I actually really liked these upholstered cornice boards however, at the time we were thinking of putting the house on the market and wanted this area simplified.

To make it match the rest of the kitchen, we went with a wood, on the wall, cornice of crown molding. I’ve already gone into quite a bit of detail of how to make one over on this blog post, so here I’ll just show some before and after photos.

Supply list:
Crown molding 24′ (2 pieces of 12)
Base edge trim 20′ (2 pieces of 10)
1×8 boards 16′



We still need to put in some molding under the window sill, finish the base moulding and replace the chandelier but this is a big step forward! Yeah!