Preparing for the new wood flooring

For some time we’ve been wanting to replace the flooring in three rooms: the entry, the front formal living room, and the dining room. Total square foot (Dining, Living, Entry) = 410

Originally we were going to go with the natural Bruce engineered wood, flooring product we bought from Lowes to do the upstairs hallway. It has proven durable and it is priced very reasonably. However we were put on hold with the project due to money and while time past we re-thought this and wanted to go with a darker wood floor. My only concern is in a dark room the dark floor would suck in light.

BTW before picking out a wood floor you have to realize that it’s the substrate that determines the type of floor you can install. Whether it is concrete (which needs a vapor test before proceeding) or plywood, does decide what type of wood flooring (i.e laminate, engineered hardwood etc…) you can install.

So the money is here, the floor materials (Lumber Liquidators, Bamboo flooring) bought and held for two weeks indoors to acclimate, and the project is now underway… Let’s follow along shall we?

Out with the old – the flooring and it’s plywood substrate is pulled out with a crowbar, revealing the cement foundation. Our kids jumped in for the money and got it all pulled out. It’s now boxed or wrapped in bundles and awaiting tomorrow’s garbage collection. Wow! I am getting way excited to see this new floor in! It’s only taken two years!!