PIN: a few not-so-great or failed cleaning Pinterests


Homemade Goo Gone used Baking Soda and Cooking Oil. Didn’t work. It’s just a scrubbing paste like anything would be when you combine Baking Soda.

Removing Bottle Labels with Baking Soda, Vinegar and dish soap. This did an “okay” job but is no “magic” method by any means. I used it on glass jars that held Spaghetti sauce, honey, salsa etc… While it did help to remove the jars, especially if you soak them. However, I still had to use commercial Goo Gone to remove all the stickers and glue.

Cleaning stinky towels with vinegar must be the most overrated Pin on Pinterest. After trying this on regular dirty towels, to mild smell to one really horrible towel, I ended up with towels that STILL didn’t smell clean AND had a strange feel to them. That strange feel to the towels is due to the Vinegar (everyone crows about as the ultimate cleaner) and 30 washes later these towels still have a rough, stiff feel to them due to this one method. YUCK!