Shopping and saving at Target

targetebookLike I’ve written before, while I like coupons and “deals” I’m not a super coupon shopper. I don’t see the sense in having my money tied up in stockpiling a closet with floor to ceiling toilet paper that just happened to be on sale.

I don’t see the sense in buying candy or soda just because I have a coupon as I don’t regularly need this stuff or buying a brand (for me it’s Febreeze) that I simply don’t like.

However, the cost of groceries for a family of four has gone up again so I decided to check out his Amazon Target Shopping ebook ($2.99 book at the time of purchase).

Okay for those diehard Walmart shoppers… Target matches about 99.9 percent of their prices because I have compared receipts at both. The idea that Walmart is “cheaper” is really just Walmart coasting on a reputation. For me I like the cleaner store at Target and since I have two Super Targets (offering groceries) within 5 miles of my house, Target is my store of choice.

The book would have been better at 99 cents and did have a few helpful facts:

1.) Friday is the day that all merchandise for that week has been marked down.

2.) You can go online and print off Target coupons.

3.) Target has an additional coupon system called Cartwheel (this was the most helpful tip for me as Target seems to “hide” it online).

4.) Use your own bags and get a nickel off for each bag used.

5.) Use the RedCard and get another 5%. If you don’t want the credit card they have a debit card BUT on the application form they still ask for your Social Security card!! Considering Targets well publicized security breach I really don’t want to provide this info. I will ask at Target next week and see if you can apply without it and if a credit check is done.

What the book really didn’t cover was that merchandise (especially seasonal, which includes summer stuff) has certain time periods it is discounted. That’s how I bought Girl Scout camping stuff back in the troop leader days. If you want to know more about how that works check out this Mom’s blog, Totally Target, All Things Target, or Targets official Facebook page. Pretty much all the info in the ebook you can find at these sites.