Store brands vs. “real” brands

I am not big on store brands. Generally, they have failed and been crap. However, in an effort to save money I did buy the UP&UP Target store brand for liquid dishwasher soap.

FAIL. Crap. It films the glasses and leaves a lemony tasty film on the dishes. Thanks but I’ll spend another $1 and go back to Cascade.

Way back in the day when we were trying to do some Penny Pincher stuff, I made her cocoa from scratch recipe. OMG was that stuff like CHALK… pure unadulterated crap. You see it all over Pinterest about making your own this and that, and for the most part, in my trials, made-at-home-products have failed over and over again to produce the results that a commercial product can give me.

This is the problem with these coupon queens who seem to get something for nothing.

1.) they buy what is on sale, regardless if they need it. That doesn’t save me money.

2.) they buy store brands or “cheaper” brands that in my experience (see above) suck. So you save 75 cents and have a brand that simply doesn’t work. Is that a savings? I don’t think so. Another example is Birdseye vs. Green Giant. Birdseye puts more of the stems in the frozen vegetables and heavily pads their mixes with cauliflower, vs. Green Giant produces a better quality product in the frozen vegetables arena.

Yes, I do have some brand loyalty – not because of their advertising but because the product IS better (give me Ghirardelli over Nestle any day – and Godiva over that).

3.) they stockpile. Well I don’t want to tie up my money in a closet full of toilet paper. If you want to “work” your money that way go ahead but money in the hand is always better than money tied up in a purchase.

4.) they shop sales and go to multiple stores. I work now and have a lot of responsibilities outside the home. I don’t have time to go to the Dollar Store, Target, Wal-mart, Big Lots, etc…. so I can save $5. Time IS money and I would rather work with one or two stores that provides me consistent values.

Don’t get fooled by this “get groceries for nothing.” I would rather stick to brands that work – brands that taste good – brands that give me good quality – than stuff that simply is crap.

And I guess making chalk-tasting hot chocolate powder is a savings because no one will drink it!