New Stainless Steel stove vent hood installed

I ordered this stainless steel vent hood for the stove from Overstock. It’s a mid-range hood to replace the solid black one we once had and the SS is to go with the new appliances I plan on putting into the kitchen. The price was good – about $200 with the additional charcoal filters being bought with my Reward points. To get a super nice fan would have been well over $600 and I simply wasn’t going to spend that for this house.


I didn’t buy from Lowes or Home Depot because I just didn’t like the selection; what I found at those stores looked small and cheap. I relied heavily on reviews because I bought online.

I couldn’t get to hear the fan or see it in person: the noise on low is definitely less than the old fan; when on high the noise is quite obvious but that is pretty true of any fan.


I have to write that I’m overall very pleased. I like the substantial size of this hood – it makes the whole area appear bigger than what it really is (30″ wide). It has a modern sleek look that doesn’t look as cheap as others in its same price range. I also like that it has two lights and they are located at the front of the unit so they can be easily replaced.

Of course it will look more impressive once the backsplash is done and the rest of the kitchen appliances are in Stainless Steel but at this point it’s baby-steps.

Next up for appliance replacement is the dishwasher, then fridge, and lastly stove as the stove is a great appliance and is being replaced only for looks. But before all those expenses, back to the family room ceiling….