Four poster bed in Black (part 3)


Sherwin Williams Tricorn is a gorgeous black! I ended up diluting this paint at 1 cup to 1/4 cup water for my paint sprayer. I tested the color on a wood scrap and and made sure the Velvet Finishes Protect (water based poly) would be okay with this paint. Everything checked out okay! So onward with the project!

Start your project on the back or an inconspicuous area so you can get a feel for the sprayer. Always start the spray pointed away from your project so you don’t get splatter. I found working outside much easier then the garage and inside the house would have resulted in a huge mess!


I decided to use sawhorses to prop up the head and footboards because it helped me get one coat on the front and back. The above photo shows the first coat which is still showing a lot of white and unevenness in the coat. Remember, you want light coats, not heavy, so it’s not unusual for the base primer to show through at this stage.

Below is the first coat (left) and second coat (right):

When dealing with molding and carvings, change the position of the piece you are painting to get the coverage inside the crevices. After spraying the bed in the upright position, I turned the headboard flat. Curves can really hide places where you are not getting coverage! The same for legs – move the piece higher so you can see the legs at chest height in order to doublecheck the coverage.


Large flat areas also take a lot of time to cover so you don’t have streaks. This third coat is starting to even out but it will take time to get that nice even coverage in thin, light coats. Be patient!


Some more tips on using an electric Spray Gun for paint:

Always dilute the paint according to the machine’s instructions;

Always keep your machine clean because that is the biggest source for paint spray issues;

Always look on the can and use only when temperature and humidity are right, as spraying when it is too cold, hot or high in humidity leads to paint blemishes;

Remember, first and second coats should be light. At this stage you probably won’t be seeing the color coverage you want but be patient;

To get a heavier coat, move the spray gun closer to the item you are painting;

Keep the gun in motion, when you keep it in one place you get drips;

The spray is heavier at positions where you start and stop it, which could result in splotches if you don’t keep it moving;

Always check between coats for blemishes such as hair, drips or nicks in the paint coat so you can correct as soon as possible;

With this sprayer, if the nozzle is perpendicular, spray up and down;

If the nozzle is horizontal, move the sprayer side to side;

To better coverage inside of the spirals, turn the nozzle to the 45 degree position;


Well, this project is going to take several days – letting paint dry well between coats, dealing with the weather and humidity and finally it will need two coats of water based poly, so next time you see it, it will be in our bedroom with our new linens (Pottery Barn is having a 20% off sale on Duvets so I’m thinking I might be grabbing that Duvet I wanted this week).