Back to the Master Bathroom

We are back to remodeling the master bathroom as some personal plans have changed and we are thinking of selling the house within 18 months.

First job is to take down the over the vanity mirror which is glued to the wall. We had waffled about doing this project because I called a local glass company and they wanted $300 to remove it – and I was afraid if we did it the mirror would break (which would only be a problem if it hurt someone when we did it).

However, we used this guy’s method and it worked like a charm! Off in one piece in less than 5 minutes.

Be sure to tape up your mirror – this provides stability to it and lessens the chance of it breaking.


Using shims we were able to gently start pulling it off the wall (see the video). Be sure to wear a long sleeved shirt, jeans, shoes and gloves in case any breakage occurs.


We found two framed mirrors at a local store where they sell off hotel furnishings ($25 each, so $50 for both). In order to get the right size we had to shorten the length and had the mirrors trimmed down at Lowes.


On the list to get done in the next 60 days:

  • Install new lighting over the vanity.
  • Install LED wiring around the tub alcove.
  • Apply new texture to the walls of the bathroom.
  • New counter and tile backsplash for the vanity with new faucets.
  • New tiled backsplash around the tub.
  • Tub alcove will have new wall molding to make it a feature of the bathroom.
  • Paint the walls of the bathroom.
  • Finish the crown molding over the doors.
  • Paint the molding and doors.
  • And the biggest project is to rip out the shower and re-tile it.