Project: decorative ceiling for the dining room

As part of the entire dining redo, we wanted to add a lot of drama and sparkle in the formal dining room. Part of that solution was putting up the same specialty metallic paint we did in the downstairs bath (Pearl, Blue Winter Fox).

Since this rectangular room is pretty much only suited to the same shaped table, a rectangle is marked off that will later be framed out with moulding trim. This was an issue actually because this room has a sofit along one of the shorter end walls. Should we center the rectangle off the entire room or the section minus the sofit? After playing around with some graph paper and marking everything out – we ended up marking it off via the room minus the sofit.

graph paper can really help!

The old chandelier and circular ceiling medallion were removed. The area for the new pendant lights was marked out and a new electrical box installed and joined into the original electrical box so one switch would operate both.

The textured ceiling must be smoothed with plaster before the Pearl paint is applied. Two thin coats of plaster, were used, each sanded smooth between coats. Afterwards a priming coat of gray paint was applied in the rectangle since raw plaster sucks up paint, this extended the higher priced speciality paint. It also prevented any white showing through the silver Pearl.

Pearl paint is applied with a brush in random criss cross strokes (think X). When it is tacky, (almost dry, experiment) we burnished with a masonry float and then left to dry.

BTW the Brush Pearl is a dull sheen – if you want shiney, you won’t get it with this paint. I would have preferred a bit more shine but hubby likes it so I’m happy.

Trim moulding frames the new rectangle. It is attached by pre-drilling a few areas for nail holes and applying a caulking adhesive on the back of the trim before it was placed on the ceiling where it was nailed into place (use finishing nails so no predominant nailheads show). Nails are recessed and then filled in, then sanded, then painted over. Trim paint is Chef White.

An earlier post went into details about how the retro chandeliers – originally hung on a swag chain with foo-fahs and fake crystals – were converted to these. This is only part of the entire room redo so check back for more coming soon!

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