Compost Tumbler finally made

I know I’ve gotten a lot of new subscribers (not sure why) but I have been busy with other projects and not so motivated to post here. Let me see if I can get my groove back to posting. 😉

Hubby finally made me this Compost Tumbler! There are plenty of plans on the internet for this and we personally followed the plans at this blog (if you need details).


The key is to find barrels that haven’t had obnoxious chemicals in them – you will not want those chemicals in your soil! We did add a strip of weatherproofing on the inside to prevent compost from falling out where we cut for the hinged flap. We also put a clip on the latch so it wouldn’t fall open when we were tumbling.

Summer is a great time to start composting as you are probably like me eating lots of summer fruits and vegetables. In the raw state, this type of refuse can be added to compost (not if they have been cooked or coated in oils or butters).

Here I’m getting together cucumber shavings, a rotten cucumber and cantaloupe to go out. To speed up the composting, cut everything into smaller chunks so the microbes don’t have to work so hard or long.


Since these barrels are clean and have never been used for composting, I decided to add some Compost Starter to get the microbes cooking. I layer the veg and fruit that is dumped inside with my horse manure and pine shavings mix that I bring home from the muck pile at my horse barn.

If you don’t have horses, just contact a large, horse training or show barn. They are always looking for ways to get rid of their manure and should have a large pile that you can scoop some material from. Just be polite on the phone and when you arrive on their property. Realize people riding don’t want their horses spooked by your antics – and not all people like you petting their horses.




I will fill this barrel up about 70% full, tumble it daily or every other day, and wait for about 2 months to see how well it’s all doing! Right now it has a nice earthy smell to it that tells me everything inside is doing good.