Planning: powder room

Our downstairs bathroom has a pedestal sink and toilet and has bugged me from day one of our move into this house 13 years ago. The wallpaper has only gotten more dingy, the molding more grimy and the whole thing a burr under the saddle!

These are the before photos of our downstairs, powder room which contains a sink and a toilet. This is the same hall that leads to the laundry room (done in our previous remodel). Due to the cramped nature of a small bathroom the photos are a bit cramped too ūüėČ

Pedestal Sink, mirror and current lighting

Thoughts on this room:

  • Uninspiring and nothing special. This room doesn’t offer anything unique or tempting me to see the rest of the house.
  • Very tired. The wallpaper is dirty and so are the baseboards. This is a hard used room as everyone uses it when downstairs where the living rooms, kitchen and dining rooms are located.
  • Needs ART! The walls are borrrrrrinnnnggggg!
  • Pedestal sink just looks cheap as does the frameless mirror.
  • Hate the brass coverplates and towel ring.
  • Baseboards seem to suck onto dirt.

The plumbing arrangement won’t be changed, so toilet and sink remain where they are. Room size is almost a square: 56 1/2″ (wall with sink, toilet) x 55 1/2″ (door wall).

Planning for the NEW bathroom look:

1.) Remove the pedestal sink and replace with a vanity and sink combo. Instead of going with the Lowes’ stock vanity we found an antique table we will be using instead. $120

2.) Replace the faucet and sink ~ DeNova brushed nickel vessel faucet from Overstock. $170


Vessel sink bowl – China White sink whose shape mimics the medallion on the light. $113

3.) Replace the toilet. Jacuzzi  Prestige White High Efficiency WaterSense Elongated 2-Piece Toilet $200. This toilet is not an easy install- you need to know what you are doing as you must drill new anchors into the floor. Great flush, very quiet, love the smooth sides and trim at bottom, very small tank, plastic seat is rather cheap feeling.

4.) Walls and Ceiling ~ Remove Wallpaper and replace with Venetian Plaster from Lowes: wall color will be a soft blue (Aquamarina #67); the ceiling a dark silver grey, both of these colors will really pop with the crown molding.

5.)¬†After viewing cabinets at Lowes, have¬†remodeled the current over-john cabinet (31″ x 30″) to a taller height (30″ x 42″) by adding molding trim over the top.

6.) New lighting over mirror. Found on Craigslist $25

7.) New mirror. Current mirror is 20″ wide and 36″ tall. Loved this¬†Jacqueline mirror¬† (42″H x 27″W x 1″D) but for¬†$200¬†(plus shipping) my budget went with a¬† local find (28″ x 36″)¬†at $69,¬†at an antique shop.

9.) Replace base molding with 6″ tall base used in Laundry room.

10.) Install new crown molding.

11.) Art, decor, towels. Artwork x-ray plants in soft lavender, greens and blue with face towels and wash clothes that match.

Planning: laundry room

There’s a blog entry here about laundry design, and the¬†text has some useful points so I thought I would link to it. However, though the photos are very pretty,¬†– how many people have room like this in their laundry room? Not many. I found this blog entry more useful in terms of photos as they had some realistically, sized rooms. Another great photo article is this one by Southern Living magazine.

My laundry room does not have a window and is long and narrow (think galley style kitchen) at 5′ 6″ wide and 9′ long.¬†It’s a difficult place for two people to work or even to put in/take out¬†the laundry because with a basket you can barely turn around. There is no option to expand it so I need to work with what I have.

Needs: easier access to move in Washer and Dryer on pedestals; ironing board; hanging space for clothes; storage for detergents and cleaning; kitty door; wall decor so you can feel better when stuck in there doing laundry; redoing paint and baseboard to match the new plan for the downstairs.



UPDATE! ~ See the finished laundry room here

finished laundry room


~ Remove door and store

~ Rip out existing shelves, utility cabinet, bead board and base molding.

~ Replaster walls.

~ Bakers Rack – purchased off CL and ready to go.

~ Washer and Dryer Front Load on pedestal/platform

~ Fix floor by putting in missing tiles.

~¬†replace base molding painted Valspar’s Chefs White

~¬†replace lighting fixture. With the low ceiling, it needs to hug the ceiling. Also when the box was installed, the electrician put it close to the vent, so a square or circular fixture won’t work in this area so I’ve opted for a track lighting system. This would allow light to be more even through the narrow space.

I like this one because the curve makes me think of waves. From the reviews it sounds like the first choice doesn’t provide as much overall illumination and is more task oriented:

~ Art. White Starfish 24×36. Beach view Gordmans. Or colorful flower paintings from Garden Ridge?? Ended up going with the photo pop picture I found at Gordmans, $23 cheaper then the same at Garden Ridge, and in better condition!

~ Frame bulletin board.

Below you can see how much room the W/D set takes up (drawings are to scale). The item to the left labeled BR is the Bakers’ Rack. I opted for this piece of furniture because it would be easy to remove and gain access to the W/D or to move them in and out.

It also provides a decorative view as you walk down the hallway – as this hallway, prior to entering the laundry room, has a door off the right into the downstairs powder room.

In this front profile view, it’s clear there is no room for cabinets. I’ve measured out the height room on the baker rack shelves so I can decide what storage bins to buy or if I can fit a lamp on the desk/draw platform. The upper right shows where the pole for hanging clothes¬†will remain across the short end of that wall.